Corporate identity design

The corporate identity of an organization or company is the deliberately chosen method of presentation to the outside world.

In the narrow definition, a corporate identity is the visual identity of an organization. It concerns only the symbolic part of the company identity. This includes name, logo, color, typography (font), formal language (master/planes/curves/formatting) and photography style.

All these elements are consistently used in presentations or on stationery, business cards, quotes, invoices, envelopes, the website, emails, company clothing etc. The deviating from the standard spelling here and there, for example in the capitalization by so-called “camel case” (mixing in one word of upper and lowercase letters), is a conscious choice in the name of creative freedom and in the light of the variation in the processing of texts through the computer.

In large companies, the communications department usually monitors the corporate identity. If you don’t have this department you can also outsource this to VDS Graphics B.V..